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Laser Beam Pro

Laser Beam Pro is the world's One and Only FDA Assessed Class 1 Eye-safe Laser Projector and 2017 CES Innovative Product Award Winner. It's completely safe for human eye. Portable laser beam projector projects up to 150 inch HD screen in complete dark area. Simply connect Laser Beam Pro with Wi-Fi or cables to smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, media players, or any other devices to see videos, music, pictures, presentations, and etc. You may use it on any surface at anytime and anywhere, because it's portable & FOCUS-FREE! Please visit KDCUSA for more information on how you can make it your own.


Laser Beam Pro C200
Laser Beam Pro is fully equipped with Google’s Android Operating System and focus-free feature using full RGB laser light source.

Eye Safe Non Hazard
Class 1 Laser

Focus-Free feature using full RGB laser light source, meaning that the projected image is never out of focus.

But Powerful!

Laser Beam Pro produces up to 768p of output resolution at max of 200 lumens. With the combination of laser light source, this projector becomes a beast!

2017 CES
Awards Winner

2017 CES Innovation Awards Winner, Laser Beam Pro. Laser Beam Pro is completely safe to human eye using Laser Class #1 technology, which has earned itself 2017 CES Innovative Award.

Laser Beam Pro Features
The Portable Laser Beam Projector with Easy Set Up and Enhanced Features

Focus Free

FOCUS FREE means there's no focusing required. Get clear image every time with Eye-Safe Class 1 Laser.

Wireless Connectivity

Leave cables at home. Connect variety of mobile devices to Laser Beam Pro wirelessly using screen mirroring function.

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Built-in battery lasts up to 2 hours with one full charge. Battery can also be charged while it is being used.

Screen Size

Go small or go big. Screen size can extends from 20 to 150 inch by adjusting the distance of the projector and the wall or screen.


4K input / 768P HD output means HD image is never compromised.


Connect Laser Beam Pro to even more devices with micro HDMI cable like your game consoles.

Watch Videos While Moving

With Focus Free feature, you can watch videos while walking your dog. It's like carrying a big screen all the time.


Connect your favorite Bluetooth speaker to the mobile device that is paired up with Laser Beam Pro to enjoy better sounds.



Category Description
Dimensions 2.79"x 5.53"x 0.74"
Laser Diode Life 10,000 Hours
Brightness ANSI 100 to Maximum 200 Lumens
Resolution WXGA 1366 x 768
Throw Ratio 1.39 : 1
Speaker 1 Watt Mono Speaker
Battery Capacity 3.7V 6200 mAh
HDMI Input Micro HDMI Cable (Not Included)
Laser Class Class 1
Contrast Ratio 2,000 : 1
Aspect Ratio 16 : 9
Throw Distance 2' - 15'
Screen Size 20" - 150"
Battery Life 120 minutes (Depending on Usage Type)
Battery Charge 4 hours (full charge)
Battery Type Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
Optical Engine Type LCoS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon)
Wireless Display iOS / Android Mirroring, Hotspot Wi-Fi, Home Wi-Fi
Processor Quad Core
Ram 1 GB
Internal Memory 8 GB (Nand Flash)
Operating Temp & Humidity 50f 104f & 15% - 85%

Anytime, Anywhere, Any surface








You can buy Laser Beam Pro and Accessories at KDCUSA

Laser Beam Pro C200
2017 Model

Laser Beam Pro C200
Basic Set


Laser Beam Pro C200

Laser Beam Pro, Focus-Free, 150", 120 min. use, HD resolution, Wi-Fi, FDA Assessed Eye Safe Laser

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The Winner of 2017
CES Innovation Award!!

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Variety of Compatibility

Connect with your
any devices

Laser Beam Pro is compatible to use with variety devices, using Wi-Fi or cables, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, game consoles, media players, action cameras, etc.


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Applications are endless. Laser Beam Pro is FREE of location & surface, nice little gadget you can always rely on.


Please update your Laser Beam Pro's firmware to the latest so it can be performed with better functionalities.



Every year, new and exciting products and ideas are introduced at CES; and we are going to reveal something new and exciting ourselves as well! We are also going to showcase Laser Beam Pro like you've never seen before.


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